Emotional Time

Moments of Time continues the study of emotional connection and communication by looking at time (memory) as the subject. Thru study on time and the Internet, I wanted to see if it would be possible to represent a series of moments of a relationship, by using a very short real time period and playing with time and sound to recreate 'emotional time'. When we fall in love, we have experiences that represent memories in a collection of emotional time based moments.

For instance, there are times when we want to rush into the arms of another, full of dopamine and adrenaline, and there are times, when in love, time moves slowly, or sometimes not at all, like as is felt in a seemingly endless passionate kiss. There are power struggles and many forms of drama that play out in time.

The videos are try to recreate our emotional experience by altering the speed of the film and sound, and playing with colour and black and white to reflect a past memory and both a real and imagined memory of the experience as it is happening. If the Internet was changing our connection to time, could we “see” and “feel” more in smaller amounts of time? Can time be used to reflect our emotional connections to each other? How could this be used to increase our ability to use the Internet to feel and connect?

Moments of Time #1

Moments of Time #2

Moments of Time #3

Moments of Time #4

Moments of Time #5