Goddard College Masters MFAIA, Vermont, USA 2013
National Film Board - Momentum Program, Toronto 2004
Psychology, York University, Toronto   1986
Photography, Marketing, Ryerson Polytechnical University, Toronto   1983
Art & Graphic Design, George Brown College, Toronto 1978

Curatorial/Teaching/Speaking Engagements

“Picture This” Refugee Photography Project, Institut für Alles Mögliche, Berlin, May 2016
Workshop – “The Class of Love” Supermarkt, Berlin, Germany 2014
RE:MAKE Festival, Platoon Kunsthalle, Berlin – Media Assistant, 2013
NXNE Festival – Festival Director NXNE Art 2013
NXNE Art Festival – “Crossing Creative Borders”, & “The (Un)Importance of Canadian Art” 2013
KOI Conference – “Social Media and the Arts” 2013
Art Gallery of Ontario – Panel Speaker- “Social Media, Social Art” 2012
GIFF Film Festival – Founder and Director 2011 & 2012
University of Lüneburg-Leuphana - Class of Love I & II
The School of Mind and Brain, H.U. & ZFL Institute, Berlin, Germany - Mind Chatter Lecture
Freie Technische Universituat, Berlin, Germany – “Mind Chatter” Lecture on Art
Queen’s University, UK. – Virtual Artist in Residence – Cultural Dynamics & Emotions Network
gtGallery “Liminal and the Space In-between” Artist’s Talk
Flaxarts Studios Student Mentor for Student Resident Program
6 St. Joseph - Out of the Cold Homeless Shelter - Art Outreach
"Other Voices, Other Lives" Art Teacher for Underprivileged Youth
Ontario College of Art and Design - Guest Professor - Graphic Design, Third Year Program
The Next Generation of Philanthropists of the Arts - Speech on "I Love You Over & Over" video
Street Kids International Board Dinner - Speech on the importance of the words "I Love You"
French for the Future/Francais pour l’avenir  Conference '05 - Workshop on Art and Video
"Other Voices, Other Lives" Art Teacher for Underprivileged Youth
Riverdale School of Art - Acrylic Painting, Levels 1 & 2

Film/Multi-Media Exhibits (Select)

May 2016 “Picture This” Refugee Photo Project, Berlin, Germany
July 2012  -  “Crossing Over” GIFF, Goddard College Film Festival, Plainfield, Vermont, USA
May 2012  -  “I Love You Barcelona” Proyecto, Barcelona, Spain
Feb. 2012  -  “Noise of Water” GIFF, Goddard College Film Festival, Plainfield, Vermont, USA
Oct. 2010  -  Habitat & Habitus, Synesthesia and Kinaesthetics Conference Berlin, Germany
June 2009  -  Marche de la Posie, Paris, France
Dec. 2009  -  Copenhagen G8 Environment Conference Time Capsule
Nov. 2009  -  “I Love You Over & Over” Crimson Coast Dance Festival, Nanaimo
Sept. 2009 -  Re-mount “I Love You More” Interactive Multi-Media w/Andrea Nann, CCDT
May 2009  -  “I Love You More” Interactive Art/ Video/Dance/Music w/Andrea Nann, CCDT
Oct. 2008  -   Moving Pictures Film Festival – Top 12
May 2008  -  Catalyst Gallery, Belfast, Northern Ireland
Jan. 2005  -  Detroit International Film & Video Festival, Detroit, USA “If I Could Have You”
Sept. 2003 -  Mayor’s Artsweek Kick-off, City Hall, Invitational
May 2004  -  Documentary for TVO, Woman of Distinction Awards, Producer/Director
Mar. 2004  -  Festival Signes de Nuit, Paris, France  "I Love You Over & Over" Film
Feb. 2004  -  Observatorio Centro Experimental, Morelia Michoacan, Mexico
"I Love You Over & Over" Film
Oct. 2003  -  International Art Expo,  Madrid, Spain  "I Love You Over & Over" Film
Sept. 2003 - LA Short Film Festival, LA, California, USA  "I Love You Over & Over" Film
May 2003  -  Oberhaussen Short Film Festival, Germany "I Love You Over & Over" Film
Jan. 2003  -  Detroit International Video Festival, Detroit, USA, BEST OF SHOW

Exhibits  - Solo (Select)

June 2008  -  gtGallery, Belfast, Northern Ireland
May 2007  -  “I Love You Too” Video Installation, I-zone, Toronto, Canada
Oct. 2005  -  06 Denfert Rochereau, Paris, France
Mar. 2004  -  "In the Name of Love" Multi-city Interactive Exhibit in Vancouver,
Edmonton, Toronto, Montreal & Halifax.
Sept. 2003 - “Holy Moments” Kabat Wrobel Gallery, Toronto CA
May 2002  -  Edward Day Gallery Homeless Fundraiser, T.O. Art/Fashion Exhibit - Hugo Boss

Exhibits  - Group (Select)

May 2011  -   5 Corners, KunstFabrik, Berlin, Germany
June 2009  -   Takt Kunstprojektraum, Berlin, Germany
May 2007  -   Riverdale Art Show, Toronto, CA
April 2006 -  Letters for Literacy Art Auction Fundraiser, (Founder & Contributor), Toronto, CA
Dec. 2005  -   Florence Biennale, Florence, Italy (by invitation)
Nov. 2005  -   Ambassadors Art Prize, Chatelet, Belgium (by invitation)
Aug. 2004  -   Non-Stop Madrid, Madrid Spain
April 2004 -  Letters For Literacy Art Auction Fundraiser, Toronto (Founder & Contributor)
Oct. 2003  -   World Fine Art Gallery, New York City
Dec. 2002  -  “About Love” Lonsdale Gallery, Toronto, CA
Aug. 2002  -   International Art Expo, Bari, Italy


Palm Art Awards (Nomination) Leipzig, Germany 2010
Royal Bank of Canada Top Canadian Contemporary Female Artists (group of 12) 2004
"BEST VISUAL ARTIST" in the city (Toronto) NOW Magazine Readers Poll 2003
BEST OF SHOW - "I Love You Over & Over" art video Detroit International Video Festival 2003
Applied Arts Awards (2) Studio Magazine Awards
Canadian Computer Graphics Association Awards
Mac World People's Choice Award

Community Service (Select)

Juror - RAW Art Competition, Toronto
Board Member - Literature for Life, Teen Mom Literacy Programs in Inner City
Founding Member - "About Love" Annual Art Fundraiser for Canadian Woman's Foundation
Founding Member - "Mayday" – Art Fundraiser for Raising the Roof, National Homelessness Charity
Founding Member - "Letters for Literacy", Art Fundraiser for Regency Park Literacy Programs
Board Member - Artist's Transition Resource Centre
Marketing Committee Member - Dancer Transition Resource Centre
Member - Canadian Cultural Research Network
Contributor - AIDWC, Attorneys In Defence of the Wrongly Convicted

Upcoming / Representation

Saatchi Gallery, London, England - Web Representation
Artists in Canada - Canadian Web Representation
Vtape Distribution - Canada Film Representation
Absolute Arts - International Web Representation
Sane - International Website based in Spain - International Website based in Denmark


The School of Thinking and Feeling, -, -
Queen’s University, UK, University Research Centres, Cultural Dynamics and Emotions Network, and more.