“I Love You” Videos

It’s “you” and “me” with love as the connection

or disconnection in the space in-between.

Just three words...  “I Love You” videos are a cross section of the faces and feelings of over 5,000 people from all over the world. Coming from diverse backgrounds, religious and socio-economic positions, all participants simply say the words “I Love You” in their own language. The film creates a collective of meaning and expression, a visual language made of specific words and faces. You can see the faces and energy change upon release of the words, testifying to the connective power of words and feeling.

The "I Love You" videos are documentary in style, using available light and sound. It is simple yet complex, happy and sad, big and small, painful and joyous. It is repetitive yet cumulative in its effect, creating a collage of emotions that entices its viewer into participating in the exchange. Each viewer tells another story, relating and connecting to the sentiment they understand and feel, causing many to relive loss, heartbreak or alternatively euphoric feelings of love and everything in-between.
Note: The "I Love You Belfast" includes infamous Ulster party leader Ian Paisley. This film marks a turning point in the ways the project can be used to help.

In December 2010, I traveled to Israel and Palestine and completed the next instalment of the project in the Spring of 2011. The film entitled "I Love You Israel & Palestine", attempts at humanizing the 'enemy' and revealing ways we are all connected. Does love have national, political or religious borders?  Unfortunately, due to personal threats; the film has not been shown publicly. If you would like to see it, contact me here.

I Love You Over & Over

I Love You Belfast

I Love You Berlin

I Love You Israel

I Love You Athens

I Love You Barcelona

Class of Love – I Love You Young & Old

Students – I Love You Queen’s U.

Students – Class of Love II

I Love You Palestine

I Love You Hamburg

I Love You Berlin #2

I Love You Lüneburg

Class of Love – I Love You Blindly

Students – Class of Love I