The “I Love You” Project

“Framed within the philosophies of Joseph Beuys, on an expanded scale, Hollett could potentially be creating a form of social sculpture, with its
environmental concerns and political commitment, along with its ephemeral and conceptual performance components. As intimate as these video clips may appear, Hollett’s projects are ultimately commentaries on the desolate  “disconnect” and alienation between people in our culture. Individuals will never discover and enjoy the wonder of their vital and intimate six degrees of separation unless they truly begin communicating with one another.”

Dr. Koan Jeff Baysa

“Emotional intelligence will play a crucial role in the 21st century. We have the technology to connect, to extend our reach across the globe. In an age of emotional extremism, “smile depression” and escalating global environmental threats;  it is important to understand how our emotions connect and disconnect us. If we are hard wired to be empathetic as research suggests, then we can learn to develop emotional narratives of love to include not just our family, our community but every living thing on the planet.” KH


The “I Love You” Project deconstructs the meaning of love using various media . As an abstract word, ‘love’ is individually understood, yet universally connects us having an energy of its own. Each expression adds to the reconstruction of it’s meaning and creates a form of social sculpture that is shaped by the collective. It continues to morph it’s form, growing with each addition and meaning.

The “I Love You” project includes paint, video, video installation and multi-media dance collaboration.

The project has expanded to include The Class of Love; an experimental interdisciplinary class teaching at the post secondary level incorporating multi-media and emotions as a conduit for learning empirical knowledge in the science and social sciences areas. The Class of Love has received much attention and a book will be forthcoming.

“I Love You” Paintings


“I Love You” Videos


“I Love You” Interactive