30 Days in Paris

It was that I found myself in a top floor garret in Montparnasse, in Paris, France. You know the kind, as if it was still the twenties, artists gathered to share ideas, heartbreak and Pernod.

Each day I wandered the streets of Paris, each night I returned to my garret, up the 89 steep steps and completed a painting, literally a cliché artist existence; a tiny rooftop room complete with pigeon lined broken windows with paint pealed, weathered shutters in Montparnasse.

Each painting is a reflection of the feelings and experiences in Paris on the day it was created. By using the number of the day in Paris, the work counted time as memory as a form of visual language. The work is comprised of 30 individual and distinctive paintings, yet time and space form a common thread. The completed series is a visual narrative.

The work attempts to expose the interactions between consciousness and the world, and the mediating role played by memory and emotion.