24 Hours

The project was a 24 Hour marathon of art making; 24 paintings created in 24 hours. It was a test in creativity and stamina, 24 paintings based on social, political issues of the city's top decision makers, cultural creators, politicians, rich, poor, young, old, and physically challenged. The community at large was involved in the process of analyzing time as relative to conceptual thinking, art making and purpose.

Key people from “the community” ages 7-85, from the Mayor to a teen mom in a shelter; they all contributed to the project by giving one word that reflected an important social issue to them Each painting used a word dealing with community and social issues as expressed by a wide range of members of society.

David Moos, AGO Curator, Contemporary Art - "Space"
Ian Brown, Edior, Writer - "Walk"
Marichka Melnyk CBC Reporter - "Voice"
Israelin Shockness Black Community Activist - "Empathy"
David Green Hair Salon Owner - "Imagine"
Senator Art Eggleton - "Poverty"
Michael Hollett Editor, NOW - "Race"
Eli Taylor Philanthropist - "Passion"
Lee Smolin Physicist, Founder - Perimeter - "Trust"
Jane George Terminal Patients Counselor - "Shine"
Daniel Brooks Playwriter - "Ignorance"
Jean Stilwell Opera Diva - "Tolerance"
Grandmother Sara Native Elder - "Children"
John Gunn Exec. Producer, City TV - Neighbour"
Chloe Noel University Student - "Home"
Silva Basamajian Head, National Film Board - "Advocacy"
Paul Copeland Criminal Lawyer - "Complicity"
Charlie Coffey VP, Royal Bank - "Inclusion"
Jane Smith (pseudonym) Teen Mom in Shelter - "Discrimination"
Rifka Khalilieh Unemployed - "Respect"
Owen 7 yr. old student - "Love"
Michael Clarke Glider Pilot (paraplegic) - "Access"
Mayor David Miller Mayor - "Creativity"
Barbara Hall Head, Human Rights Commission - "Salaam"