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Social Art Experiment
"Creating" Community

The question “Is it art? Is valid. But why limit yourself? Why not be able to use art for various purposes: to develop a sense of community...? ... an experience that enables people to find the full depth of their humanness is an art experience.
(Speaking of Dance, Halprin)
How do you "create" community?  The first thing I did when I moved to Berlin was create a community for myself. I did this through art and by turning the process into an art project. 

The on-going story... here


The Class of Love

"The Class of Love"
"The Class of Love II; In Sickness and Health"

The School of Thinking & Feeling
- Leuphana University & Supermarkt, Berlin

The Class of Love was created to explore and critique concepts of love as they are projected and expressed in media, art, science and communication. What do we really know about love? What are the perceptions and realities of love? Are they the same or different? How is love communicated and understood? Love was deconstructed into separate knowledge bases including the science of love - biological and physiological knowledge, emotional anthropology, sociology, psychology, philosophy, culture and media study.
The Class of Love II, looked at ways to use art to explore age and health effects of love and connection.
From its inception, the Class of Love was formulated as an artistic social experiment, a research project, and an educational learning opportunity focused on love and the ways we communicate it....  read more here

The School of Thinking & Feeling site here


“Miss Understood”

Social Media Art

‘Miss Understood’ is an interdisciplinary social art project created to use social media, specifically facebook, to create and explore answers to the question “what makes social media social?” The project acted as a catalyst to studying the media form and adds to her research into the study of emotions and communication, connection and disconnection.

‘Miss Understood’ is a facebook page. On this page, as the artist, Kate Hollett posted videos of herself talking, expressing emotionally, trying to find ways to interact with others and create an open forum to discuss the art of dialogue and the purpose of art. As a character called “Miss Understood’, Kate responded to her own posts by offering critical analysis of the video posts, attempting to
understand and improve dialogue. The page is open to the public on facebook and included specific invitations to close family members and fellow artists to participate.

In total, Kate made 68 videos of herself ranging from 30 secs. To 6 min. long. The project was broken down into 4 stages with a summary video. All work can be seen on project page... read more here


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