“I Love You Too” Interactive Video

Can we express and feel love digitally? The video art installation called “I Love You Too” explores emotional  communication in the digital world. The installation uses two monitors and a live feed to create the experience of having two people say "I Love You" digitally.

The original "I Love You Over & Over" film (with over 250 people) plays on a loop on one monitor. Facing this monitor is another monitor. There is a video booth set up off to the side.  At any point, anyone could come over to the video booth, press a button and freeze frame someone in the film. Then a camera would turn on automatically and record them saying "I Love You". The recording would activate the monitor with the live recording of the person saying "I Love You" in the booth. A second button stopped the recording and resumed the original film.

Once the recording was over, it would be looped into the mix fitting in right after the clip that was stopped. Continuing the video to expand and connect.

The screens in essence, will say “I Love You” to each other. The interactive installation reveals both an emotional intensity and a disconnection based on a mediated experience of two screens talking to each other.  Some participants enjoyed their self image, repeating the process over and over again. Audience and participants became involved in a voyeuristic type of empathy as people shared vulnerability.

It is simple yet complex, happy and sad, big and small, painful and joyous. It is repetitive yet cumulative in its effect, creating a collage of emotions that entices its viewer into participating in the exchange.