“I Love You more…” Performance

"The defining problem with society is not injustice, but alienation"

Clive Hamilton

“I Love You more” is a collaboration of Kate Hollett and Choreographer Andrea Nann working with the esteemed Canadian Children’s Dance Company (13-19). The project involved working together to explore love in the media driven 21st century, including looking at ways to utilize multi-media for emotional connection and researching and interacting with the public. The dancers translated the words “I Love You” with their bodies. The final event consisted of the “I Love You Too” video installation for the audience to participate in at any time during the event; an interactive dance performance inviting the audience to create their own ways to emote with their bodies.

John Gzowski created live music and soundscapes with Nilan Perera played the Six String Nation guitar. Poets were onisight to create -“poetry-to-go”. It was art, dance, music and poetry interacting with the audience to create a modern day “love happening”.

The effect of the event was infectious. You could feel and see the shift. Love lost, love longing, and the passion that comes from the desire to connect. As both a critique on connection and disconnection, the effects left the viewers dancing in the aisles.  It was an uplifting and renewing connection to the most powerful words in the English language, “I Love You”. With each expansion of love, there is renewal.