The ImagiNation

The ImagiNation – A Concept for a Country

The first step for the process of creating a new country is reviewing the past. After extensive review of ways countries were created, taking into consideration all external and internal, (individual and collective) factors, the collective known and unknown has established guidelines for a new way of living.

To do this, certain steps must be taken first. With the help of WikiHow we learned “How To Start A Country”.

In the past, the nation state represented:

  • A permanent population
  • A defined territory
  • Government
  • The capacity to enter into relations with the other states
  • The existence of a state that is independent of recognition by other states, and is free to act on its own behalf—and that no state is free to intervene in the affairs of another.

In the past, countries were attained in the following ways:

  • Find existing unclaimed land
  • Conquer an existing nation
  • Buy an existing country
  • Find a loophole in the law
  • Look for underdeveloped countries
  • Build an island

Once that is done, the country must be built. Ways to do this included:

  • Take over existing indigenous people
  • Inviting friends to join you
  • Create laws for citizenship
  • Establish a government and constitution
  • Establish and economy
  • Declare independence
  • Be recognized by world communities
  • Manage branding – create money, logo, anthem, constitution, marketing materials.


The concept of ImagiNation is based on an anti-country, anti-religion, and anti-corporate sentiments first expressed by John Lennon in his song ‘Imagine’ (1971). Further fieldwork and historical research has confirmed that, although borders of financial and ideological social groupings create a feeling of shared interests, they also create separation and disconnection from others.


We propose a nation of the world that has no rules, no borders, no currency, and no ideologies that represent the whole. Each person will be given statehood, become a territory onto themselves and part of the ImagiNation.

The ImagiNation will establish itself through the process as outlined by WikiHow. Each territory (individual) will be responsible for the following:

  • Take over existing indigenous people (your past)
  • Inviting friends to know your territory (self knowledge)
  • Create laws for your territory (morals for you to live by)
  • Establish a government and constitution (rules for you to live by)
  • Establish and economy (what can you give others? What do you need?)
  • Declare independence (Are you totally ‘you’? If so, be this person)
  • Be recognized by world communities (share mutual respect for others)
  • Manage branding – create money, logo, anthem, constitution, and marketing materials. (Decide what that ‘looks’ like, how you want to be perceived based on government and constitution)

The ImagiNation Constitution & Charter

The ImagiNation constitution is a blank paged book. Each territory (person) will be responsible for creating their own constitution and writing it in the blank pages.


The ImagiNation Charter

The territories write their individual ImagiNation charter. Each territory (person) will establish their own set of rules and laws. Here is an example of a charter by a territory:

  1. We (I) believe that a compassionate world is a peaceful world. 
  2. We (I) believe that a compassionate world is possible when every man, woman and child treats others as they wish to be treated–with dignity, equity and respect.
  3. We (I) believe that all human beings are born with the capacity for compassion, and that it must be cultivated for human beings to survive and thrive. (Charter for Compassion)

The ImagiNation Logo

The ImagiNation logo is a blank box. Inside the blank box each territory (person) will be responsible for creating their identification. The logo can be any shape or size. Here is one example template:


The ImagiNation Flag

This will apply to all marketing materials. Each territory will be given blank cloth and blank materials necessary to create their own flag. Here is an example:


The ImagiNation Anthem

The anthem will be based on the original score created by John Lennon in 1971.

The song sung as a collective of territories.

Examples of remix of this song:

For more please search online.

ImagiNation in Action

Examples of the process in action include facebook:

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