Colonized Consciousness


painting: Kate Hollett, 2015 (click to +)

"Like goldfish in a bowl totally ignorant of "water", we often fail to notice how colonized our consciousness has become by capitalism and how the resulting ideology permeates our life.

...Our problems are those of ideology, belief, perception, values, and identity - so, we need a shift in all these phenomena if we are to overcome our current problem. This task is complex and overwhelming without a singular correct route to success. We must look to science and learn what it can tell us about our relationship to the natural world - to which we are fundamentally tied.

We are part of an ongoing cosmic evolutionary process. Every atom in our bodies was forged in the death of stars. We share DNA with all life on Earth: from the trees in a rainforest to the fungi in the Cornish soil. The woman across the road or a dog you crossed in the park. Despite cultural inertia of anthropocentrism-based science, we are not separate. WE ARE ONE. When we reposition our perspective it sheds new light on what it means to be human. It is not about us. It is about something much larger - something we are a part of."

Bob Plastow